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Marija Knežević Gusić – organizer of the first International Sinj Tourism Forum 2024. Croatia. She is the owner of Angelus Komunikacija, the first full-service agency for marketing, public relations, event management, digital marketing, web and graphic design, and political marketing in Dalmatia. She is also the owner of the first research and lifestyle portal in the Cetinska Krajina region – Sinj News. She has been involved in tourism since her earliest childhood and is currently running and building an accommodation brand in Dubrovnik, which currently consists of one apartment, House of Artichoke.

“International Sinj Tourism Forum 2024. Croatia is an opportunity to present the Sinj and Cetinska Krajina Region to the international market as a sustainable and ecologically oriented destination in Croatia. This large and above all commendable project is a pledge for the future of this region. This region deserves a large project, which will bring it a turn in every sense. I am extremely glad to be able to invite you to the first international tourism forum, International Sinj Tourism Forum 2024. Croatia will host the most famous experts from the world of tourism, media, public relations, marketing, architecture, economy, culture, and ecology. We look forward to your arrival!”

The Town of

The pearl of the Dalmatian Zagora, just 30 km from Split!


Welcome to the historical, knightly, and Alkar Town of Sinj!

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International Sinj Tourism Forum 2024. Croatia

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