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Andrej A. Gajić is an internationally awarded scientist and Ph.D. researcher in veterinary sciences, holding an M.Sc. in Biology and Conservation, and a B.Eng. in Ecology. His research centers on the intricate interplay between pollution and disease development in sharks, skates, and rays, as well as crucial aspects of their ecology and reproduction.

With a portfolio of over 70 published papers and two books, Gajić has been at the forefront of 21 regional scientific projects over the past seven years, serving as the Principal Investigator. Additionally, he has delivered keynote and invited speeches across Europe and the United States. Andrej is known for having pivotal roles as the Principal Scientist and Expert Reviewer at National Geographic, as well as an expedition leader for the Discovery Channel.

His dedication to the understanding and conservation of sharks, skates, and rays has earned him the title of Honorary Ambassador for the Mediterranean by the Barcelona Convention (UNEP MAP) in 2022. Furthermore, Gajić has been awarded a Special Governmental Recognition for Scientific Achievements in 2021, the National Geographic EC Leadership Award in 2020, and the Man of the Year title in 2019, among several other accolades.

His impact extends beyond the scientific community, with over 200 media outlets actively reporting on the results of his research, including prominent platforms such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Warner Bros., FOX, CNN affiliates, Arte, Deutsche Welle, and more. Furthermore, four Voice series learning books recently published by National Geographic Learning draw inspiration from Gajić’s private life and career.

Despite his inland upbringing, Andrej’s lifelong passion for sharks led him to establish Sharklab during high school. The organization is now operational across Europe and Asia.






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