Duje Tomaš


Duje Tomaš, coordinator of the Green Destinations Business Certification program, Tourism Lab

Lecture “Sustainable development of destinations based on the example of the Green Destinations model”

Description: Green Destinations is an organization whose main goal is to advance the sustainable development of destinations and promote their recognition on a global level. In addition to the tourism destination certification program, Green Destinations is implementing a tourism stakeholder certification program around the world. The model according to which Green Destinations improves and valorizes the sustainability of tourist destinations and service providers in tourism is currently the most powerful operational tool that exists for sustainable management and has the strong support of the United Nations and the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism. It is the most comprehensive sustainability certification process in the world, which includes four components of sustainable development – social, environmental, economic, and cultural. As part of this lecture, it will discuss Green Destinations programs, the management of destinations according to the principles of sustainable development, the role that individual groups of stakeholders in the destination play in this process, management practices that lead to sustainability, and the reasons why and how destinations and stakeholders can obtain a sustainability certificate.

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by Duje Tomaš

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