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As the founder of Global Magic Brands, Ömer Şengüler advises on brand perception management, how to become a global brand, sales, marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), EBITDA management, crisis management, and brand valuation, placement, and concept creation. Şengüler founded PANEL Advertising Agency (1986), MAGIC Outdoor (1994), and MARS Production (1994) and successfully sold his companies to Clear Channel US.

He was a brand and communications expert for 25 years, advising national and global companies such as Nokia, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Bridgestone, Citroen, Ülker, İstikbal, Istanbul 2010 AKB Agency, Golden Lady, İBB (Istanbul Municipality), Turkish Airlines, Turkish State Railways, LC Waikiki and Galatasaray Sports Club on brand architecture, marketing strategy, communication services and holding lectures and seminars in various organizations and universities.

Member of the Board of the Turkish Promotion Agency TTG, Ministry of Economy, 2017

Member of DEİK Middle East and Gulf Business Council, Vice President of Bahrain, Board Member for Qatar, Board Member for Saudi Arabia, Turkey, 2015.

Member of DEİK, Turkey, 2015

KORUNCUK Foundation for Children in Need of Protection, Member of the Board of Trustees, Turkey, 2014.

OAAA Member of the American Outdoor Advertising Association, Inc., USA, 2010

Member of the Agriculture and Food Committee of the Turkish Industrial and Business Association TUSIAD, Turkey, 2004-2006.

SETBİR Dairy, Beef, Food and Producers Union of Turkey Board Member, Turkey, 2004-2009.

Founder of the RV Advertisers Foundation, Turkey, 1998

TASEAD Association for Research and Coordination of the Promotion Sector Board Member, Turkey, 1996-2000.

Member of FEPE European Publicite Exterieur Federation, France, 1995

IAA International Advertising Association, member, Turkey 1994

MÜSİAD Association of Independent Industrialists and Businessmen founder, Turkey, 1990-1996.

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