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Ugrina Paško, born in 1966. in Split. Chief Police Advisor – Head of Prevention Affairs, Split-Dalmatia PU. An employee of the MUP of the Republic of Croatia since 1992. Member of the Security Committee of Split-Dalmatia County. Active stakeholders in operational work in the field of safety in the tourist season and manager of the Safe Tourist Destination project in the Police Administration. Responsible for a large number of project activities in the area of ​​prevention of targeted crime, antisocial behavior, personal safety, situational prevention and safety in tourism. He is a participant in targeted research on the topic of security, the author of program strategies in the area of ​​community security, and an active participant in a large number of international conferences on the topic of security in tourism. Participated in the international exchange of positive practice and familiarization with the standards of behavior in criminal prevention and prevention of security risks.

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