Vesna Petešić


I was born in 1980 in Zadar. I live in Salim on Dugi otok, where I completed my primary education in 1994. I attended high school in Zadar until 1998. In 2009, I completed professional undergraduate studies in hunting and nature protection, and in the same year, I started working in the public institution “Telašćica Nature Park” as a seasonal worker in the job of a tourist guide. Since 2012, my work has been focused on the professional aspect of nature protection as a senior professional officer for the sustainable use of natural resources, and since 2018 on the preparation and implementation of projects. In 2019, I completed my university graduate studies in sustainable management of aquatic ecosystems in Zadar. I am currently working as the head of the project team for the preparation and implementation of projects, and my main tasks and responsibilities are the preparation and implementation of projects of interest for the sustainable development and management of the marine protected area in accordance with conservation goals, which basically include: coordination of the project team in the implementation of project activities, leading the preparation and implementation of projects financed from national or international sources, monitoring the implementation of the project, financial management of approved funds and reporting on the implementation of the project, cooperation with the media and the public as part of ensuring the visibility of the project and the valorization of the compliance of projects with the objectives of preserving the protected area. In addition to the above-mentioned responsibilities, in December 2023, I was appointed coordinator of the sustainable development of the nature park.

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